• Billing

    Understanding and paying your bill

  • About Your Bill

    Your bill combines charges from Froedtert South Medical Group (for services from employed physicians) and from Froedtert South (for hospital services) on a single statement. Charges for services to minor children are billed to the parent who is identified as the responsible party on the patient’s registration form. Billing statements can be viewed online and can be received electronically. Froedtert South has a separate billing office and offers separate financial assistance from Froedtert Health and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

    To pay a bill online, visit https://froedtertsouth.mysecurebill.com

    If you have any questions regarding your Froedtert South bill, please call (262) 652-8259 or send an email to billing@froedtertsouth.com

    Financial Assistance

    We encourage patients who anticipate difficulty paying their portion of their hospital bill to meet with one of our financial counselors. Our counselors will make every effort to assist patients who are uninsured or who have financial challenges that prevent them from paying for healthcare services. Counselors can assist patients in applying for government-funded programs, setting up payment plans, or applying for financial assistance.  Our financial assistance program provides discounts up to 100% to patients who meet eligibility requirements.  If you are interested in applying for government funding or financial assistance, please use the links below or contact us at 855-241-9952 or 262-652-8259.

    Accepted Insurance

    Froedtert South accepts most HMO, PPO and Medicare insurance plans. The list of provider networks changes occasionally at the sole discretion of the health plans, so please contact your health insurance provider to confirm whether Froedtert South is currently within the provider network. If you have questions, please call the business office: (262) 656-2800.

    Health Care Cost

    This listing of standard charge amount represents items and services which may be billed to you, your insurance, or other organizations and is populated with internally used and government-mandated payment system data fields. Remember that services you receive for care will typically include a variety of charges from this list. This file may be updated as payment system data changes or if rules surrounding insurance payment systems, claims processes, charge capture, or other reportable charge data change. Similarly, as the inventory of charge items or services change, this file is updated.

    Additionally, the average charge per Diagnosis Related Group is a historic average charge based on Medicare insurance claims for inpatients. Because the care received is unique to each patient based on clinical needs, the total amount charged per patient (as well as individual out of pocket amounts) will likely vary from this amount.

    Individual out of pocket expense will vary based on the clinical care received unique to your own case as well as your insurance coverage and financial situation. To better approximate your out of pocket expense, we encourage you to check with your insurance provider. Additionally, we offer self-service cost estimation on select procedures which provides an estimate of your out of pocket costs for both the hospital and professional services rendered by a Froedtert South employed provider. Please visit the cost estimation tool  Guest Estimates Link or contact us at (262) 652-8259 or (855) 241-9952.

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