Other Team Members

  • Oncology Nurses

    Our oncology nurses specialize in treating and caring for people who have cancer.  These Oncology Certified Cancer Nurses specialize in chemo therapy and/or radiation and are advocates ho coordinate care between primary care physicians, surgeons, medical/radiation oncologists, Cancer Center staff, and families.

    Radiation Therapists

    Our Radiation Therapists are health care professionals who are trained to give radiation treatment and observe the clinical process of patients undergoing radiation therapy treatments.


    After the Radiation Oncologist has consulted with the patient on their plan of treatment, he/she will write a prescription of radiation dose to a defined location.  The Medical Dosimetrist will then design a treatment plan by means of computer and/or manual computation to determine a treatment field technique that will deliver prescribed radiation doses with consideration of dose limiting structures.


    Our dieticians will work with patients specific to their dietary needs and make recommendation on a proper diet to help patients remain nourished through the course of treatment.  Eating the right kind of foods, before, during, and after cancer treatment can help patients feel better and stay stronger.

    Social Services

    Within the first week of your care, you will meet with one of our social workers.  The social worker can assist you in arrangements for transportation, home care, disability applications, support groups, and/or other needs you may have.

    Spiritual Care

    Our Spiritual Care staff members are committed to bringing comfort, compassion, and support to patients and their families regardless of their religious affiliation.