• Aftercare Aquatic Program

  • The After Care Aquatic Program is designed to allow patients discharged from physical therapy the opportunity to continue their exercise program in the aquatic environment.  This program is not considered physical therapy and Medicare or insurance will not be billed for participation in the program. For more information, please contact the Aquatic Therapy AfterCare staff at 262-551-4711.

    The program includes:

    Aquatic session: The session is designed for independent exercise in the pool.  A therapist will be available if questions should arise. However, AfterCare patients must be able to participate independently or with assistance from a family member/care giver.

    This is a self pay program, but the cost is substantially less than what would be expected at local health clubs.

    Patients are required to have a physician order and be independent with their exercise program after successfully completing physical therapy.  The patients exercise program are periodically reviewed and adjusted by a therapist during their participation in the AfterCare program.    

    • Aquatic Therapy Services

      The Aquatic Therapy provides a unique approach for patients with orthopedic, neurological, or sport related injuries. Therapy in our warm water pool allows the patient to do more exercise with less pain and fatigue due to the water’s buoyancy and support.

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