• Mammography

    A specific type of noninvasive breast imaging that uses low-dose x-rays in the early detection of cancer and other disorders of the breast.

  • Mammography and Digital Imaging

    Froedtert South’s digital imaging suites offer convenience, state-of-the-art technology and private, personalized care. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive diagnostic, preventative, and educational services that to help you stay healthy and well educated about optimal lifestyle choices. Many of our services feature the most advanced technology, including our digital mammography screenings.

    Why Digital Imaging

    For many years, traditional film-screen mammography systems have been considered the gold standard of care for mammography screening. More recently, full-field digital mammography has also played an important role in the detection of breast cancer. However, while both are important diagnostic tools that use x-rays to produce an image of the breast, there are distinct differences between the two technologies.

    Digital mammography enables faster examinations. Digital images are processed electronically in real-time, and this means a digital mammographic image can be displayed in a matter of seconds. Film-screen mammography systems require the use of film and a chemical processor to produce a mammographic image. This physical process takes several minutes to complete and produces a film-based mammogram. Because full-field digital mammography systems enable faster patient throughput, department productivity can be significantly enhanced and patients can enjoy faster examination times enabled by digital mammography.

    Digital images are acquired in an electronic format, can be stored and shared electronically, and can be sent easily across networks. Once the digital image reaches the display device, it can be instantly reviewed and because multiple copies of digital images can be produced without degrading the original integrity of the mammographic detail, the digital mammogram can be shared and reviewed simultaneously in multiple locations if required.

    Early Detection is the Best Protection  

    Froedtert South would like to remind patients to take an active role in the fight against breast cancer by practicing early detection methods. The recommended guidelines are:

     Age 20 - 39

    • Breast Self-Exam once a month
    • Clinical Breast Exam every three years

     Age 40 and older

    • Breast Self-Exam once a month
    • Clinical Breast Exam every year
    • Mammogram once a year

    Remember, regular screening for breast cancer is an important part of your health. Even if you feel perfectly healthy now, just being a woman puts you at risk for breast cancer. Every year of advancing age increases your risk as well. Getting checked regularly can put your mind at ease and finding cancer early could save your life.

    We believe every woman needs to make her health a priority. Yearly mammography exams, along with monthly breast self-exams, are vital in the fight against breast cancer. Froedtert South provides advanced digital mammography operated by highly skilled professionals at both the Froedtert Pleasant Prairie Hospital and the Froedtert Kenosha Hospital.

    For your convenience, Saturday and evening appointments are available.

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