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Preparing yourself to undergo a total joint replacement can feel overwhelming. It is a major life decision. Understand that you are not alone. Joint replacement is a team effort that involves not only your surgeon, but also the office team, operation room and hospital staff, your primary doctor, also family and friends all working together to make this a positive experience for you.

Your orthopedic surgeon is passionate about helping patients get their mobility back and to live a more active, pain-free life after injury, arthritis, or joint disease has taken this from you.

Once medications, exercise, activity modification and assistive devices can no longer provide you with meaningful relief, total joint replacement is an option to improve your pain and function.

To ensure you have the best possible outcome and fastest recovery, we ask that you prepare yourself mentally and physically for surgery. What your surgeon does in the operating room is only a part of what makes for a successful joint replacement. We will schedule your surgery with plenty of time for you to fully prepare yourself, your support system, and your home. Click here to gather all the information on what to do leading up to surgery as well as after to ensure your journey is a success. Please read it carefully and refer to it as often as you need. If you have any questions, never hesitate to reach out.

We are all in this together.

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Having a joint replacement is a big decision, and we want you to feel comfortable with our Orthopedic Surgeon team at Froedtert Pleasant Prairie Hospital. Click below to learn more about our outstanding team ready to join you on your joint replacement journey.

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