Benefits of Direct Access

  • Does not require a prescription for physical therapy from a physician.
  • Quick and easy access to a Licensed Physical Therapist specialist.
  • Immediate access for sports-related injuries.

Physical Therapy and Physician Communication

  • The physical therapist provides the physician with an evaluation and plan of care regarding the overall findings.
  • Clients will be referred to their primary care physician or specialist if the physical therapist determines that the client’s condition requires a physician’s evaluation such as
  • Possible fracture
  • Unexplained pain or medical conditions that require an evaluation by a physician

Direct Access Training
Froedtert South’s physical therapists providing Direct Access have advanced training in medical screening and specialize in one or more areas with clinical expertise.

Direct Access Therapists
-Kevin Conto, MPT, ATC, COMT
-Chai Rasavong, MPT, MBA, COMT
-Luisa Montemurro, DPT